Local dancers will be providing some housing to out of town dancers.  Send your requests to: breakingupthanksgiving@gmail.com

Local dancers if you are able to provide housing to out of town dancers, please send your availability to: breakingupthanksgiving@gmail.com

Please include in your request:  number of people in your party, any pet allergies, how many nights/which nights you will be with us, and which direction you are coming from.

Holiday Inn, 1501 N. Sherman, Evanston, Illinois, 60201.  (847) 491-6400.  Holiday Inn has offered us their good neighbor discount. Click here and select GOOD NEIGHBOR under rate preference.

Hyatt, 1515 Chicago Ave, Evanston, IL   (847) 864-2300

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If you use google MAPS (not google) to search for hotels nearby Lake Street Church of Evanston, it will allow you to see the proximity of the hotels and also current prices.